At Snodland CEP School, Music is taught within our Topic lessons and is made as cross-curricular as possible.

Successful participation in Music develops pupils’ self-esteem, confidence and learning skills.  It is an effective medium for self-expression, engenders enjoyment, enhances co-operative working and promotes a sense of community.

Our Aims

  • To give all children the opportunity to make and respond to music.
  • To develop pupil’s skills, knowledge and understanding in performing, composing, listening and appraising.
  • To develop pupils’ understanding of how music can take a variety of forms and that music can reflect other times and places.
  • To develop pupils’ independence, self-esteem, motivation and empathy with others and the ability to work with them.
  • To provide inspiring lessons which enable children to be confident and creative with music.

‘Time Machine’ Concert

Our annual KS1 and KS2 music concert was a huge success once again!

Each year group planned, wrote and performed 2 songs based around their history topic from ‘Lands of Long Ago’. Children also created props/costumes to use during their performances.

We have had lots of positive feedback on the standard, confidence and performance of all children and this event plays a huge part within children’s Music learning and self-esteem.

A huge thank you to parents and carers for purchasing tickets; the money used from the ticket sales has helped to pay for our new PA sound system.