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Curriculum Overview Year 1 2017-18
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At Snodland CEP School we follow the Letters and Sounds scheme of work for teaching phonics.

The video link below shows the sounds that we teach in school in our phonics and reading sessions. Children practice reading and spelling by segmenting (splitting up each word into individual sounds 'b-i-g') and then blending (saying the sounds altogether to make the word 'big'). Each individual sound is called a phoneme and the letters that make that sound are called graphemes, for example to make the sound /ay/ you could use the graphemes: eigh, ai, ay, a, a_e (make) and possibly more!

Listening to the sounds the children learn at school may help with their reading at home. If you need any more support with helping your children to read, please speak to their class teacher.

Articulation of Phonemes Video